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We provide opportunities to empower all learners.

Welcome to the Max Public Schools


2019-2020 Final Days


Our Mission: To provide opportunities to empower all learners. Our Vision: Ensure, through a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, that students will develop and demonstrate scholastic, technological, physical, social, and problem solving skills essential for achieving academic, occupational, and personal success today and in the future. Cossack Gear Online! The Max School now has an online store where you can order customized Cossacks gear year round.  Please check it out today and get your Cossack Gear!  Proceeds go to benefit the Max M-Club which supports our school athletics. Visit the link to order yours: Cossack Gear Store  

Parents: The real feel temperature displayed from Accuweather is used to determine if students will be inside or outside for recess each day. When real feel temperatures are -10 or lower, students will be inside for recess. When real feel temperatures are -9 or above, recess will be held outside. Please ensure that your child always has clothing appropriate for the weather each day.


Contact Us:
Phone: 701-679-2685
Fax: 701-679-2245
2855 HWY 83 NW
Max, ND 58759