Mrs. Filkins

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Supplies needed for Kindergarten
Class Supply List

Welcome to Kindergarten!  It is going to be a wonderful year!   We will laugh & learn together, and have fun!  If you need to contact me, the best way is through my email, or class dojo.

Parent Involvement:
I love having parents being involved in their child’s education.  With demanding schedules, I completely understand how hard this can be.  Just reading 15 minutes with your child each day will help improve concentration, memory, stimulation, expand vocabulary, improve sleep, and keep them on track towards becoming a proficient reader. I will also be looking for volunteers to help with the three parties that we will be having. 

Halloween Party - Ask Mrs. Filkins
Christmas Party – Ask Mrs. Filkins
Valentine’s Day Party – Ask Mrs. Filkins
**We are also asking parent to donate $5 to help those who volunteer with some of the cost of food and materials for activities.

I will be sending home a newsletter at the end of each month.  It is very important to read it so you are aware of any changes or new information that may include your child. 

All homework in Kindergarten will be optional.
There will be a couple take home projects this year that your child will be bringing home to have you help them with.
Ask your child what they learned and let them be proud to show you and practice with you.

Our Classroom Expectations & Rules:

#1 Follow Directions Quickly and Quietly
#2 Listen When Someone is Talking
#3 Raise your Hand to Speak
#4 Respect Others, Yourself, and School
#5 Be Safe and Honest

My goal is to not only help you child be a great student, but to be a great person as well.  I am confident that with our love and support they will find success.

 Cossack Pride:
Cossack pride was designed to reward students for above and beyond behavior.  If a student is caught going about expectations, the student will receive a Cossack Pride ticket.  Once the student has collected 10 tickets he/she can cash them in for a certificate.  Students can then use their certificates to purchase items from the Cossack Pride store.