World History

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World History traces the human civilization from development
of man through the American Revolution. Students learn how man is believed to
have developed from Neanderthal and cro-magnon. From there we follow the
development of civilizations throughtout the World. The first civilized people
in the world was believed to be int he Fertile Cresent Region in Asia.
Civilizations in Greece, Rome, China, Russia, England, France also highlight
the first semester. The second semester jumps ahead to the Middle ages and
Renaissance Eras. Students will understand how the world made the transition
from civilizations to Nationalism and move on to the Agricultural and
Industrial Revolutions. The last part of the year will focus on the discovery
and development of North America and The United States. The students will cover
4 million years of History throughout the World in this 36 week course.

State Achievment Standards: