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2nd Grade

Mrs. Erickson
Work Phone: (701) 679-2685


Supplies Needed for Grade 2
Class Supply List

Classroom Rules
Respect others: no hitting, kicking, name-calling, spitting, yelling, threatening or BULLYING of any kind!
Respect other’s things: if you borrow something, put it back in the condition it was lent to you! Example: supplies, books, teacher materials
Respect yourself: NO “I can’t” or “too hard” all you have to do is try!
Homework policy: should be completed on time! Copies will not be made for lost homework. RESPONSIBILITY
Work Quality: If you don’t have time to do it right, you must have time to do it over during your free time (recess, before school, after school, art time

I will be using the Daily 5 CAFE for part of my reading program.
For more information please visit their webpage located on the teacher links below

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