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1st Grade

Ms. Faul
Phone: (701) 679-2685

School Hours
8:25-3:20 (I will dismiss them around 3:15 each day so they have time to get to the correct buses)

Supplies for Class
Class Supply List

If you know your child is going to be absent from school on a certain day, please send a note ahead of time. If a note is sent early enough, it will allow me time to get their make-up work ready to go. Please call into the office if your child is sick and unable to come to school so we know the child is accounted for.

Class Schedule
I will send a copy home when everything gets scheduled.

Weekly Updates
I will send home an update usually on the last day of the week. This will inform you of any important happenings for the next week.

Indoor/Outdoor Shoes
Each student needs a pair of indoor shoes in which he/she will leave in school. The shoes your child wears to school in the mornings will be considered outdoor shoes.

Students may bring a treat to school on his or her birthday. If your child’s birthday is in the summer, we can celebrate it anytime you would like to. If the birthday happens to fall on a weekend, we can celebrate it on the Friday before or Monday after. Snack Time-Each full day we have a snack time. Students are responsible for bringing their own healthy snack each day. Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to school for this time. We do have a small refrigerator in our classroom if needed. I included a snack list of recommended snacks in this packet.

Room Parties and Fees
There will be three parties. (Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s) Let me know if you are interested in being a room parent for one of the parties. Please send $5.00 to school with your child. This will cover some of the expenses for the three parties.

Cold Lunch
If your child brings his/her own cold lunch to school, please put an icepack in it if possible. Our little refrigerator only holds a few lunch sacks at a time.

Homework is due the following day.

Reading– Most weeks a new reading story will be sent home with your child. Usually it will be on Thursday nights. Please have your child read the story to you (with expression) and then sign the book. Send the book back to school the next day.

There will be spelling homework on the first day of the school week. Your child will need to return his/her completed work to school the next morning. Please practice the spelling words throughout the week. A spelling test will be given on the last day of the school week.

Spelling City
Students can go to Spelling City to find a copy of their spelling words with spelling games. Go to

Please have an extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack for them to use in case of emergencies. Proper winter clothing, such as gloves, cap, boots, snow pants, and a warm coat will be needed for school. I recommend bringing an extra pair of socks and gloves to leave in their backpack. If your child doesn’t have all the clothing for the weather, he/she may need to stay in for recess.

Each student will be given a grade on how well they behave and listen in school. Please go over this list of rules with your child. Thank you.

  1. Follow Directions
  2. Raise Your Hand to Speak
  3. Be a Good Listener
  4. Keep Your Hands, Feet and other Objects to Yourself
  5. Be a Good Friend
  6. No Name Calling

Academic Grading System
A=100-93 B=92-85 C=84-77 D=76-69 F=68-below

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