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Mrs. Larson
Phone: (701) 679-2685
Facebook Page: Contact Mrs. Larson for more information

Supplies needed for Kindergarten
Class Supply List

Welcome & Contact Information:

Welcome to Kindergarten!  It is going to be a wonderful year!   We will laugh & learn together, and have fun!  If you need to contact me, the best way is through my email, our class Facebook page (after the school year starts), or calling the school.

Star of the Week:
We will be starting “Star of the Week” in our classroom.  Each student in our class will be assigned a week that they are the “star”.  When it is their turn to be “star of the week” I will send home a poster that they may decorate and fill out.  They will then bring the poster back to school on Monday and have the opportunity to share it with the whole class.  Feel free to decorate your poster any way you would like and add pictures.  A schedule will be sent home and also posted on our FB page.

Parent Involvement:
I love having parents being involved in their child’s education.  With demanding schedules, I completely understand how hard this can be.  There are many things you can do to volunteer during school hours, after school hours, and even at home!  Guest readers is one thing that I love having so if you are interested in this, please set up a date and time so you can come in and read to the kids.  I will also be looking for volunteers to help with the three parties that we will be having. 

Halloween Party – Ask Mrs. Larson
Christmas Party – Ask Mrs. Larson
Valentine’s Day Party – Ask Mrs. Larson
**We are also asking parent to donate $5 to help those who volunteer with some of the cost of food and materials for activities.

Weekly Newsletter:
I will be sending home a newsletter at the end of each week.  It is very important to read it so you are aware of any changes or new information that may include your child.  I like to let you know what we will be learning the next week, star student, sight words, and letter of the week.  I also include all the sight words that they have learned on the back of the newsletter.

All homework in Kindergarten will be optional.
There will be a homework math page that goes along with what we learned that day.  It isn’t much to do and if they bring it back they get a sticker.  They love showing me their work!
The Pizza Hut Book-It Program starts in October and runs through March.  I will be sending home a paper that you can help them fill out by reading 10 books to them or with them for that month.  If they return it that month, they get a Pizza Hut certificate for a free mini pizza!
There will be a couple take home projects this year that your child will be bringing home to have you help them with.
Reading to your child every day is also a great way to help your child succeed in kindergarten. 

 Sound Muncher:
I’d like to introduce you to a very special friend that we take care of each day, the Sound Muncher.  The Sound Muncher is always hungry and loves to eat items that start with our letter of the week.  The boys and girls know that the sound muncher is very picky and will only eat items that start with the letter we are studying.  I ask that each week you look around your house for items your child can feed the sound muncher.  He will eat real items or pictures of things beginning with the week’s letter. If our letter of the week is a vowel, the item you choose can either begin with the vowel or have that vowel sound in the word.  I will inform you of the letter of the week in our weekly newsletter sent home each Friday.  We will be looking at all the things our sound muncher has ate on Wednesday mornings.  Your child may bring in one item each week either on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  The kids love to share what they have found to bring and share!

Our Classroom Expectations:

  • Be Responsible
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Safe

My goal is to not only help you child be a great student, but to be a great person as well.  I am confident that with our love and support they will find success.

 Cossack Pride:
Cossack pride was designed to reward students for above and beyond behavior.  If a student is caught going about expectations, the student will receive a Cossack Pride ticket.  Once the student has collected 10 tickets he/she can cash them in for a certificate.  Students can then use their certificates to purchase items from the Cossack Pride store.