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Classroom Policies:

  • The policies which are stated in the Student Handbook shall be observed by all agriculture education students.
  • All students shall observe the lab and classroom “Golden Rules” posted in the classroom and lab areas.
  • There will NOT be a seating arrangement in the classroom unless it is deemed necessary by the instructor.
  • Students are responsible for providing their own writing instruments for both the classroom and the lab. Pencils are recommended for class assignments being turned into the instructor and working in the lab areas. Pens may be used for note taking and other activities. You are subject to the loss of lab points if you do not have a writing utensil. If you forget your pencil, you may purchase one from the instructor for $.50 each or trade a phone or electronic device for the use of a writing utensil for the day.
  • Students should also provide a three ring binder for class and a notebook or loose-leaf paper for assignments.
  • A lab locker will also be assigned to each student.  Your locker is for your lab supplies, binders, and clothing.  It is your responsibility to keep your locker neat and clean.  It is NOT a storage facility for junk-AG items ONLY!!!  Please keep your cell phones in these lockers during lab time.
  • Students are responsible for their own make-up work.  Failure to submit assigned work within the allowed time will result in a zero grade.  This also applies to lab make-up time.  Make-up assignment time periods can be found in the Student Handbook. Students must also attain all class assignments prior to leaving for a school event.  Assignments will have the same due dates as students that are present in class.  Failure to turn assignments in on time is subject to point deductions. There will be a 5 point deduction for each day for up to 3 days. After the three days, the assignment is encouraged to be completed to learn the needed items; however a zero will be placed in the grade book.
  • If an assignments permits, students may be asked to check their own work.  Students will be responsible for accurate grading.  Inaccurate grading is a form of cheating and students will receive a zero if this takes place.
  • All agriculture classes will begin in the classroom with preliminary instructions.
  • When classes are in the lab areas, daily points will be provided and added to PowerSchool weekly.  Students can have point deductions for various reasons: not wearing safety glasses, not helping with clean-up, using your cell phone, horseplay, not following safety instructions, not working on their project, etc.  See also class syllabus.
  • Students who do not wear eye glasses shall wear safety glasses provided.  You are also permitted to provide your own appropriate safety glasses-must be approved by instructor. Students will be docked lab point on safety glass offenses.
  • The last 7 minutes of each class period will be used as clean-up time.  ALL students will help with clean-up!!! Students that do not participate in clean-up will be docked daily lab points.
  • Students may check out from study hall or other classes to the agriculture education facilities only upon obtaining the instructor’s approval.  If coming from another class, they also need to provide approval from that instructor as well. You must be supervised at all times in the lab areas.
  • Students are required to pay for lab projects.  A fee for each class is provided in the student handbook.  This fee must be paid to the instructor or school office PRIOR to any project leaving the Agriculture Department.  If you have questions or concern about the lab fees, please see the instructor ASAP.
  • Social etiquette skills will be observed such as no caps, no racial or sexual harassment statements, no obscene language or suggestive clothing, respectful behavior, and no defacing of the classroom or lab areas.
  • Pop and candy will not be allowed in the classroom or lab areas without the instructor’s approval.
  • Students are only allowed to check out of class in case of emergencies. This includes going to the locker and restroom. When checking out of class or leaving a classroom, a student is required to use their planner.
  • Backpacks are NOT allowed in the Ag. Facility. They need to be kept in the hall lockers. This is due to safety and Ag. lockers are for Ag. purposes only.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices are encouraged to be kept in the Ag. locker during all lab time. They can be dangerous when using power tools and need to be stowed away.
  • Failure to follow these rules, as well as, the rules stated in the Student Handbook could result in the removal from the classroom or lab areas.

Syllabus for Each Class: