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Title I

Mr. Capp – Title I Teacher
Phone: (701) 679-2685
Home: (701) 679-2031

About Title I
The Max Public School District offers Title I services to students in grades K-6.  The goal is to help students meet grade level requirements in Reading and Mathematics. I communicate with each classroom teacher weekly to insure we are covering skills and activities that support weekly requirements.

Selection for Services
Selection for consideration for Title One services is based on at least three elements.  For those in third-sixth grade, we look at their test results from the previous year (NWEA computer based tests).  If their score showed a significant reduction between the fall test and the spring test,  I would then visit with the classroom teacher for validation of their perspective.  If the teacher felt the student needed additional assistance, then I would administer a reading assessment based on grade appropriate sight words and their use, a short language skill inventory, and a math skills inventory based on the grade level.  These assessments will be given periodically throughout the year to check improvement.
For students in K-2, we spoke to the classroom teacher asking for students who may be in need of assistance.  Each student identified was given a short assessment of grade appropriate sight words. letters, and rhyming words.  I also gave each a mathematic inventory for numbers, sequence, and simple processes with adding/subtraction.  Again these assessment will be revisited throughout the year to ensure we are making progress together for the students’ benefit.

Parental Approval
As we begin the school year, I am sending home a parental permission sheet reflecting what your student requires above basic classroom instruction.  We would appreciate your written concurrence with Title services for your student.  If the form is not returned, we will still provide services to your child unless there is a distinct objection by the parent/guardian.