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School Board


School Board Members School Board Minutes 2019-2020 (PDF)
Ron Kramer – President
Galen Scheresky – Vice President
Heather Meicher
Dominick Yellowbird
Allan Zahursky
July 23, 2019
August 20, 2019


2019-2020 School Board Committee Assignments
Building & Grounds-Transportation Ron Kramer and Galen Scheresky
Finance-Personnel-Negotiations Dominick Yellowbird and Heather Meicher
Policy-Co-Curricular-Extracurricular Dominick Yellowbird and Galen Scheresky
Technology-Curriculum Heather Meicher and Allan Zahursky


District Links and Information
Max Public School District Map Official School Board Policy


District Contact Information and Communication Flow Chart
Level 5 Parents, Step Parents, Patrons, Grandparents, Great Grand Parents
Level 4 Teachers, Paras, Custodians, Office Staff, Bus Drivers, Kitchen Staff
Level 3 Principal, Transportation Director, Activities Director
Level 2 Superintendent
Level 1 School Board Members
This communication flow-chart is the most direct means to get answers for questions.  Please follow the levels beginning with level 4 first.  If your question is not answered at that point, then contact the Principal and/or directors, followed by the Superintendent, and when other avenues have been followed, your board members.


Contact Information
Level 4 For all teachers and paras, please visit their corresponding web page by using the menu at the top of the page.  Para educator emails are located on the Resource page under services.  All other teacher email addresses are on their respective pages.
Level 3 Principal Email:
Activities Director Email:
Transportation Director Email:  
Level 2 Superintendent Email:
Level 1 Board Member Emails:
Ron Kramer – President
Galen Scheresky – Vice President
Dominick Yellowbird
Allan Zahursky
Heather Meicher
Other Phone Number for All School Employees: (701) 679-2685